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The Center for Strength-Based Strategies Welcomes You!

The CSBS is a technical assistance (TA) group, based in the United States, that offers training and consultation in the Strengths Approach and Motivational Interviewing.

  • We are a nationally recoginized TA group.

  • Review our past clients - take a look at "where we've been" - we're one of the premier TA groups for Motivational Interviewing training.

  • Download over 30 published articles and Federal monograph from our "Download Resources" section. 

  • We offer blended-learning formats:

    • In-person training - we come to your site / agency

    • 20 Web Courses for staff that can easily be taken to reduce or substitute on-site training time

      • 20 Companion Booklets that sync with the content of each web course to enable skill-building in small group formats

    • 5 Web Courses for Supervisors 

      • 5 Companion Booklets that sync with the content of each web course to enable skill-building in small group formats


Our Center Director, Mr. Clark, is one of the few trainers who is part of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and who has previously served for over 18 years as a Probation Officer and Court Magistrate (30th Circuit Court – Lansing, MI).


Michael and the CSBS have delivered over 30 Training-of-Trainer initiatives for Motivational Interviewing in the field of Adult Corrections, Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Services – more than any other technical assistance group in the USA.  


Michael D. Clark, MSW has been granted sole source (expert) status by the

  • Federal Probation Services of the United States Courts - past (District of Hawaii-Honolulu, HI),

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – current,

  • Michigan Department of Corrections –current

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  • NAADAC Approved Education ProviderAll of this Center’s onsite training and extensive web courses have CEU approval. Our Center is an Approved Educational Provider of NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals)
  • UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeMr. Clark recently served with the United Nation’s Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) as a secretariat for the development of standards for addiction treatment at their United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria (UNOV).
  • International Association for Correctional and Forensic PsychologyMichael is a past Board Member for the International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology (2011 to 2017). The journal “Criminal Justice & Behavior” is the official publication of this International Association.