20 Small Group Coaching Resources

Easily implement small coaching groups to continue skills development for staff

  • 20 Companion Workbooks for our Motivational Interviewing Web Courses 
  • Structures 20, 40 or 80 weeks of practice time to help model sustainability

Each Workbook corresponds to the Motivational Interviewing Web Course and includes:

  • Review of the course objectives 
  • Selection of key learning transfer points 
  • Multiple efforts to practice key learning 
    • Discussions 
    • Role plays / Real plays 
    • Exercises / Complete the Dialogue 
  • Answer Keys

Color coded key helps structure and guide the hour-long session and includes four sections:

  • Purple is what the “Leader” says. (You can also rotate who reads this if you wish.) 
  • Orange contains special instructions for the “Leader” that doesn’t need to be read –but can be if you want. 
  • Blue indicates section headings for each concept or skill being explored. 
  • Yellow is for “doing” or “discussion” breaks that fall in the midst of a given exploration or exercise 
  • Green is the Answer Key on the final page(s) of the workbook.

Recognizing that agency staff are busy - often moving from one appointment or meeting to the next, these companion resources are organized in such a way that a group leader can pick up the Companion guide and facilitate a full group meeting without a lot of preparation time.

Multiple group leader configurations are possible: 

  • Trainer / Coach:  Groups can be led by an MI Trainer or Coach.
  • Fixed Leadership: Groups can be led by an elected group leader – where leadership assignment is fixed to one person.
  • Rotating Leadership: Groups can rotate the leader role among the group members. Each member takes turns facilitating a group session.