Web-Based Training

Blended Learning  for Ongoing Skill Development

Continue to learn techniques, strategies, and “how-to’s” that can raise motivation levels.

We now offer 20 Web Courses for Motivational Interviewing with guides for skill development to provide an effective, blended learning experience.  We also offer 5 Web Courses for Supervisors.

Blended Learning packages are NAADAC Approved for Continuing Education Unit’s. logo1.png

These Web-based Courses include:



Some Benefits:

  • New & Continued Learning: Those with no previous experience can gain an extensive foothold of knowledge and know-how by accessing this series. Others with more experience can continue their momentum and transfer learning from previous training. 
  • Effective reinforcement: Beat the “extinction clock” that starts ticking as soon as training ends and threatens newly acquired skills without follow up. Web courses are an excellent way to fortify skills and keep momentum going. 
  • Easy access: Supports PC or MAC. Courses can be taken via a computer at work, a home computer, laptops, iPad or Tablets, and smartphones are all accessible. 
  • Completion of Continuing Education Units (CEUs): Does your staff have requirements to complete CEU’s on a quarterly or annual basis? If so, let us know your requirements so these courses can be authorized and accepted by your certifying organizations. 
  • Reduced interruption to agency operations: Reduce the length of in-person (classroom-based) training time needed by having staff complete these multiple courses prior to the importation of onsite training. Inform your consultant/trainer of this web-based series so they can tailor their training to synch up with these web-courses.