Training and Coaching

Strength-based Management and Supervision

Don't leave your adminstration out of the implementation loop! Access important qualitative research gathered by the Center for Strength-based Strategies to avoid implementing a Strengths orientation within your staffing group in a deficit-based style (“do it or else!” – “you’re doing it wrong, here’s how to do it right”).

In our manager facilitations, we hope supervision teams will examine how many managers fall into the trap that might well be described as the "error of error correction."  In this condition, more attention is paid to fixing weaknesses and filling gaps, while healthy patterns, strengths and talents of their staffing groups are ignored or overlooked. 

In our training presentations of Strength-based Practice, we suggest that a manager/supervision session be scheduled as well.  Our Center has engaged in qualitative research from multiple agency/organization sites, collecting the efforts and “how to’s” from management teams that were able to do a better job of integrating a Strengths Approach with their staffing groups.

We’ve collected this data and now can make it available to your management team during a management session.

  • Training resources / integration tools your supervisory team will recieve:  
  • Examine the "Six Integration Issues" that were gleaned from our Center's review of orgranizations that were "above-average" in thier successful integration of a Strengths orientation

  • “A Vision for Strength-based Services”

  • “Groundwork and Guiding Principles”

  • “Strength-based Paradigm”

  • Pre-Post Attitudinal Survey for Staff

  • Pre-Post Behavior Survey for Staff

  • Guidelines for Goal Setting (Goaling)

  • Building a Strength-Based Organization

  • Strength-Based Supervision / Staff Evaluation guidelines

  • Nine (9) Misconceptions of the Strengths Approach & How to Correct Them

Strategies for handling resistance and motivating employees will be reviewed.  This training offers managerial staff both theory and techniques for direct application in the workplace.

Upcoming Resources for your review:
(Spring 2006) “Motivational Interviewing and the Probation Executive:  Moving into the Business of Behavior Change.”  Executive Exchange.  Journal of the National Association of Probation Executives 17-22.
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Three important “don’t miss” resources for the Manager/Administrator

1.   Duncan, B. & Miller, S., Sparks, J.,  (2004). The Heroic Client: A Revolutionary Way to Improve Effectiveness Through Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Therapy. San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass

2.  Buckingham, Marcus & Clifton, Donald (2001). Now, Discover Your Strengths. NY: The Free Press

3.   Buckingham, Marcus & Coffman, Curt (1999). First, Break All The Rules: What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently. NY: Simon & Schuster